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SALAJEET is a compound that is attributed to have magical capabilities. It is considered by the natives of Himalayan Range Indian Yogis to be a gift from God because it is an elixir of longevity… a veritable fountain of youth. For centuries, SALAJEET remained a closely guarded secret.

The Salajeet is found in the area of the Himalayas that borders Pakistan, India, China, Tibet and portions of Central Asia and contains more than 60% Fulvic Acid. The entire area has been home to a rich variety of plant life since prehistoric times.

For thousands of years, the rich plant life absorbed the abundant minerals in the soil and flourished. When they died they were absorbed back into the soil to create an even richer source of nourishment for new generations of vegetation. As a result of this natural cycle of life, a rich mineral pitch called SALAJEET was formed. SALAJEET contains more than 85 minerals in an Ionic form as well as the FULVIC Acid.

In Sanskrit, SALAJEET means “Rock Like” and the compound is believed to make the human body rock like and able to withstand the revenges of time.Indian Yogis routinely used it for healing many ailments but mostly to preserve youthfulness with ancient texts calling Salajeet an Elixir of evergreen life and a fountain of youth.

According to Hindu literature, King Chandra Varma who ruled much of Northern India spent his youth governing the vast empire, waging wars and protecting his kingdom from enemies. By the time he had conquered his enemies and brought peace to his kingdom, he was over 60 years old. Despite his wealth and power, he could no longer enjoy all the pleasures of life he had missed while establishing his kingdom.

King Chandra Varma retreated into the mountains to pray to Lord Shiva, the supreme god among all Hindu gods and the originator of Yoga, about his plight. Lord Shiva was pleased and offered King Chandra Varma a substance coming from his body. Immediately, King Chandra Varma’s youthfulness was restored. That substance was SALAJEET.

King Chandra Varma was the first human to use SALAJEET and is considered to be immortal by the local populace and is still revered today in India. Lord Buddha is a grand descendant of King Chandra Varma.

SALAJEET is also mentioned in the Kama Sutra, the most widely read treatise on sex in the world, as a powerful aphrodisiac that can restore youth and vitality to its user.

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